Providing technology solutions to the
financial services industry

Forward thinking

Communicating investment risk and return through highly illustrative and interactive forecasts that help people understand realistic future outcomes.

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Robust forecasting

Our economic scenario generator (ESG) stochastic asset model, Insight, combined with our functionality rich calculation engine, underpins all that we do.

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Financial technology

As a financial technology provider we work with the top financial services companies in the UK, including banks, product providers, asset managers & consultants.

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Our key strengths

Calculation engine

A single calculation engine that takes the complication out of the user interface (UI) when developing financial technology solutions in conjunction with our application programming interfaces (API’s).

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Dedicated asset team

Our Asset Team is dedicated to ensuring the Insight model produces the most realistic and fit–for–purpose investment forecasts that communicate risk and return to the end consumer.

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Engaging user interfaces

Our team is on an iterative cycle of development, incorporating the latest behavioural finance and gamification techniques to achieve ever increasing levels of consumer engagement.

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